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Concert Bands

Concert Bands at Liberty consist of all students Grades 9-12. Concert Bands are the cornerstone for all musical ensembles at Liberty. In 2019 the Liberty Band grew to having two ensembles, the Symphonic Band and the Concert Band. Each band performs three concerts (December, February, May) and performs at Large Group Festival in May. Auditions for the Symphonic Band are held each May for the following school year.


The results for the auditioned 2023-2024 Symphony Band are below. We believe strongly in having two excellent bands versus one superior band and one average band at Liberty. Mr. Arp and Mr. Carlo will co-direct both bands. 

2023 - 2024 Liberty Symphony Band


Tayler Knight

Emily Morrow

Kaylee Parcell

Piyush Pydipalli

Taylor Smith

Melinda Tian

Tanvi Vibhakar

Abigail Watters



Aurora Delin

Claire Raiford

Lucy Walker



Asa Pelzel



Victoria Acas

Nora Brown

Riley Dorman

Grace Evans

Clara Frank

Elizabeth Hanson

Diego Pulido

Lindsey Roethler

Colsen Shaffer

Sophia Smith

Madeline Snow

Kensi Steele

Bass Clarinet

Ivy Reske

Aleksey Titarenko

Alto Saxophone

Ella Gilbert

Jaimie Johnson

Megan Smelser


Tenor Saxophone

Bari Saxophone

Parker Kacmarynski



Jackson Adam

Amir Jalilian-Nosraty

Miles Poolman

Haden Roth

Will Stoakes

Olivia Watters

Carlee Wilkins

Ethan Williams


French Horn

Zander Junge

Madeline Schieltz

Bjorn Swan

Grace Walker


Megan Brewer

Warren Faga

Pete Hanson

Tyler Hodges

Heath Lane


Kenna Gage



Brady Cannon

Jake Montover

William Rumping


Lukas Acas

Isaac Greazel

Ethan Meyer

Tommy Rogers

Lauryn Olson

Toby Schoon

Miriam Terwilleger

Melissa Tian

Clark Woltman

Sylvia Woltman


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