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The following links lead you to resources to help students explore their own development of musical skills while not in in-person music lessons.

Digital Audio Workstations

Garageband – Pre-installed on most Apple devices (Mac OS/iPadOS/iOS), unavailable to PC/Android users. Intuitive layout for composing with audio loops  and MIDI interface. Additional loop libraries available through upgrades. Garageband files can share directly with Logic Pro X. and

Soundtrap $7/month subscription. Feature-limited free version available  (Soundtrap - email account required). Accessed via the Cloud (Chrome browser works best), works on desktop, laptop, and tablet (Android, Windows, Mac OS and Mac iOS) devices.


Band Lab – Free. Sign in with Google account and start creating. Accessed via the Cloud (Chrome browser works best), works on desktop and laptop devices (Windows OS and Mac OS).

Music Notation Software

MuseScore 3.4.2 – Free. Can be downloaded to any desktop/laptop (PC/Mac) – Power version $8/month. Free version (some limitations - email account required). Accessed via the Cloud (best in Chrome browser), works on desktop, laptop, and tablet devices. LMS integration for all major platforms.

Music Theory Sites – Free Website

Lessons & Practice Exercises (for practice or challenge) available. Exercise customizer allows you to create your own unique assignments or quizzes that can be linked from your course page or LMS. – Free Website

Lessons and practice exercises, lessons are a little more engaging than, but exercises lack all of the customizing features of

Jazz Band Resources

Shed The Music - Free Website. 

Lessons and exercises to help with ear training, transcription, and improvisation. Opportunity to work on a variety of lessons at your own pace.

Jeff Antoniuk - YouTube Channel

Over 100 video tutorials about playing and improvising jazz music broken into shorter 10-15 minute lessons.

Learn Jazz Standards - YouTube Channel

Collection of play-a-longs, ear-training, transcriptions, and theory. Fairly comprehensive short videos 5 -10 minutes. Explore topics that interest you the most!

List of Suggested Solos for Transcription - list

Transcribing is the skill of notating the notes and rhythms you hear by ear. It sounds intimidating but is an excellent skill to help you learn the language of jazz from the actual people performing it. This list is a great place to start your transcription adventure!

     Suggested Solos for Transcription

Online Lessons/Warm Ups

Brass Warm Up Series 

20-30 minute warm ups with Jupiter pro Harry Watters. Focus on fundamentals and advanced concepts.

Daily Percussion Warm Ups 

By Steven Graves

Percussion Home Study Packet

(Courtesy of C. Alan Publications)

Warm-ups, grooves, and cadences 


Rudiment instructional videos, play-along tracks, and more

(Courtesy of Vic Firth)

Flute Lesson Series 

Short 5-10 minute videos. Focus on fundamentals and advanced concepts.

Clarinet Mentors Channel

10 - 15 lessons on a variety of topics to help you improve on the fundamentals and advanced concepts for the clarinet.

Sax Station Channel

Short 5-10 minute videos on teaching new songs, skills, lessons with saxophone. Rather diverse in both the topics and styles of music. 

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