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Welcome to the home of Liberty High School Orchestra!  Updates will be posted in our "Latest News" section below, and all Liberty Orchestra events are posted on the interactive Google Calendar at the bottom of this page.  You may also find more information about our curricular and extra-curricular programs via the links below.



 My programs have been large and successful in the past because we are HIGHLY visible and participate actively in the community with a wide variety of genres of music and a diverse body of students. I am a touring artist when I'm not at Liberty. I offer these kids both the conservatory bound education that we are expected to offer in ICCSD and the perspective of a working artist. I teach both classical curriculum and a wide variety of genres. I want these kids to approach their work with excellence but I also want them to know how to ROCK OUT as well. 


It's my goal to create BIG ORCHESTRA HYPE AT LIBERTY. That's why I'm here. SO- I am asking for your help in getting us out there. Here's the skinny version. Here's what we need from you followed by what I do here. 


We need high visibility at school and community events. We can bring a PA system. We love gigs and we love guest artist and/or the financial support to get them in with us.  Please consider us portable, loud enough to be heard, professional and fun. Please invite us. We want to be there. The kids need these connections and the coolness factor. 


Orchestra is: ALL string instruments playing both notation and by ear: reading trad classical repertoire but also creating and improvising. Violin, viola, cello, bass, and at Liberty guitar, harp, percussion and piano as well. I take special care to offer Concert Orchestra so that ALL kids can opt into orchestra even if they have never played a note. I WANT kids who move here from abroad and beyond to sign up for orchestra. I do not want a sea of white kids in my ensemble to be frank. I want ALL kids to consider orchestra as a possibility. 


Free Strings (Club) is: our "show choir". It's by audition and offered on Tuesday mornings. WE ARE A touring, gigging ensemble coached by professional musicians that uses ALL String instruments (above) along with uke, percussion and vocals. We have performed some very high visible gigs including the Wintergrass Festival in Seattle, the Friday Night Concert Series in IC and Artsfest. We work hard, play hard and eat a lot of great food. Artists invited. 


Hear My Voice: Talent Show (Club): New as a club this year and soon to be a class next year. A secondary general music class. For kids who 

This is a natural extension of what Cece does in many ways over at NC. Creative outlet for kids with no musical experience whatsoever. For the kids who want to improve their skills in all musical directions: rap, forming a band, recording in a studio, whaling on a trap set. This class is truly for ALL KIDS. 


Preucil School of Music:

West Music:



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